Fourth Week: Ponte Vecchio & Duomo

With only two weeks left, time is going by incredibly fast. Living in Florence has been an experience I will never forget. I open my mind and eyes to a new culture and was able to experience different values. I have tried many Italian foods and so far my favorite is fried zucchini flower, which is similar in taste to french fries. This week I focused on enjoying the beauty of Florence and the best places to visit instead of traveling outside of the city. When traveling abroad to Florence, many people focus so much on traveling throughout Europe in general that they never really get the chance to appreciate Florence. Florence is truly a spectacular place, I made sure that this week I would devote my time to the amazing city.

This week, one of my friends and I were able to visit the famous Duomo. We were able to see beautiful artwork created by talented artists. The details in the paintings and sculptures were incredible! My favorite sculpture was of course Michelangelo’s David. I first learned about the sculpture in my European History class in high school, but I never imagined that I would actually have the chance to see it in person. You absolutely cannot leave Florence without visiting the Duomo!

I was lucky enough to be staying across the bridge and only two minutes away from the famous bridge Ponte Vecchio. Walking to class everyday in the morning across the bridge is relaxing because it feels amazing and the sun is shining but not too hot. Sometimes me and my friends get gelato and chat near the bridge. I recommend coming here to take amazing photos.

My favorite location in Florence by far has been Piazzale Michelangelo. School can sometimes be very stressful and could lead to depression, so its very important to have an outlet whether it been some sort of activity or just simply taking a break to go for a walk. I’ve been stressed with working and schoolwork before leaving the states, and Florence has really been a place where I could mentally escape and focus on my goals. I recommend this place for everyone visiting Florence, especially after the sunset. You can sit with your friends and family and enjoy the view of the city.

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