Dancing the Night Away: #BullsMeetWorld

During my time in Northern Ireland, I got to experience a lot of great live music in the lively pubs of Belfast! One such night, my friends and I were standing close to the front of where the band was performing at The Dirty Onion in Belfast and the ladies featured in this picture (I’m standing second to the right, and they are standing on either side of me) began dancing in front of us! My friends and I all were very amused at how energetic they were and thought it was great that they started dancing even though no one else was. They then began beckoning at our group to come dance with them, and eventually we all had our turn dancing with them! It was so fun and what a lovely way to enjoy music together! We all laughed a lot as none of us were very good at trying to waltz but we certainly tried our best! We lost sight of them after a while but as we were leaving the pub, we saw them again and lots of hugs and goodbyes were exchanged! Eventually we asked for a selfie and the two women were very happy to comply! (One of the women even made her husband take a picture of us all together!) They then talked about how one of them was from Canada, and the other was from Dublin, and they had only met that night! Unfortunately we realized after that we never exchanged names, but this experience will still go down in my list of great memories for having such fun dancing and meeting these ladies!

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