Venetian Excursion

Last week, I decided to join my roommates on a day trip to Venice. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, I imagine that when most of us think of Venice, you think of canals and gondolas. You would be right, in part, to think that. But there really is a magical quality to being in a place like Venice. It’s no surprise after experiencing Venice that many places around the world have been named after Venice (including a city in our state!)

If you go to Venice, which you must do if you travel to Italy for a significant length of time, you must try the Aperitivo. Aperitivo is sort of an Italian buffet that is served between lunch and dinner. Dinner here is normally eaten quite late by some of our standards- usually at around 8 or so. My former cross-cultural psychology professor told my class that Venetian Aperitivo is quite good. And it was! It’s usually not that expensive (around ten euro with a drink included) and you can eat until you are satisfied. I can attest to the quality of the Aperitivo there.

If you do decide to travel somewhere make sure you travel with at least one other person. I feel like this is a given, but it should be stressed. Even aside from safety reasons, it’s just more economic. Me and my roommates were able to split a gondola that cost one hundred euro to ride on. Going with a group can help mitigate a lot of things.

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