Week Four: There’s No Place Like.. Florence

As I began to craft this post, the reality of the expiration date concerning my abroad trip, a date that which is approaching much quicker than I’d like, dawned upon me. I still feel as though I have so much more I need to experience from Italy and Europe in general, but simultaneously feel the type of comfort that you only obtain when you’ve been living somewhere for months. On another note, a particularly odd and unquantifiable phenomenon I experienced for the first time took place when I traveled to Paris this past weekend. While there, I actually became homesick– not for New Jersey, not for USF, not for America– but for Florence. Despite the undeniable beauty associated with Paris, and although I saw the most revolutionary pieces of art I’ll ever encounter in the Picasso museum, Louvre museum, and d’Orsay museums, I often found myself yearning for the quaint and rustic environment of Florence, my newly defined concept of home. The stark difference in culture, food, and social norms between Paris and Italy were constantly jumping out at me, and as a person fascinated by all things in the domain of psychology, I thoroughly enjoyed this mental exercise. Although it was definitely not cheap to spontaneously plan a Paris trip two days before the fact, I’d be lying if I said I regretted a single aspect of it. To all considering extracurricular travel outside of their primary location of study abroad, I’d love to discuss must- see Parisian restaurants and landmarks other than the 3 museums I mentioned! Ciao for now.

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