Third Week In Florence

My third week here in Florence, was probably my most stressful. To say that I had a very busy week, would definitely be an understatement. I had to find time to study for and take an exam, turn in two different essays, and present a presentation in class. With that said, I did not have much time for anything else. After finishing all of these assignments for the week, I decided to just stay in Florence and relax, for the rest of the week. While staying in Florence, I decided to try some different restaurants and food dishes. I found the restaurants and dishes I tried were amazing. I tried a couple of restaurants that I cannot remember the names of, and an Irish Pub called The Florence Irish Pub. But the place that stood out the most with me, was the school (FUA) restaurant, known as The Ganzo. The food and service at The Ganzo was amazing! I tried dishes like pan roasted pork chops and tomatoes in white wine, parmesan eggplant, and a fruit and vegetable lasagna. I highly recommend eating at The Ganzo. I am the type of person that loves to try new and different foods, plus it was nice to experience the food of another culture. Although I know it would be cheaper for me to make my own food at my apartment, I feel like I would be missing out on the authenticity of the Italian cooking. So, I truly do believe that it is worth spending a little more money.   

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