London CuisinešŸ„³

Fresh avocado smoothie from Pret A Manger

Seafood Paella

Traditional Indian Dish (Muy Caliente)

Fish and Chips!

Hello everyone! I haven’t posted a blog in a hot minute, but I wanted time to have a feel for the London culture! I can say after 3 solid weeks I definitely feel more adjusted with the culture.

To say the least , the food in London is BOMB! It has a different, FRESHER taste. From London’s fine dining to their fast food it is amazing! I have added so many different foods and dishes to my palette. I fell in love with samosas which is an traditional Indian fried pastry with fillings ranging from lamb to vegetable! I also fell in love with halloumi cheese which is a cheese made from both sheep and goats milk. It’s a great vegetarian option. It is often used to replace meat on burgers for non meat eaters. I find it amazing that I loved foods that I had tried for the first time!

While eating every single meal I noticed the distinct freshness and authenticity of the food in London, even as I ate potato crisps (chips). I discovered that a lot of the GMO’s and preservatives are banned in the UK. In efforts to encourage Good Heath and Well-being (UN Goal 3) of efforts were made and established to improve the food. Also, pretty much any restaurant you go to in London whether it be McDonald’s or even Burger King , there are vegan/vegetarian options!

In efforts to reduce waste and preserve materials the city of London encourages people to by refillable water bottles. They have refillable drinking water stations in several locations around the city. This allows them to cut back on plastic waste. Also, most restaurants and pubs only provide paper straws while some don’t provide any straws! These initiatives are set in place to encourage Responsible consumption and production (UN Goal 12).

Go Bulls!

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