Goodbye, Cambridge!

It has been one week since I have departed from Cambridge and the Cambridge Schools Experience.  My time there flew by, I did my best to act as a sponge to soak up all of the culture, school experience, and my own learning.  The structure of the program for graduate students allowed me time to focus on my coursework, as I was enrolled in other courses at the time as well, ample time in the schools to collaborate with others in the program, and time for reflection and support.

Fireworks kicked off a festival on our final night in Cambridge!

I mentioned in my first post that I am a teacher in Morocco and am currently transitioning to a new position within the school, where I will be teaching part time and then working as the Elementary Coordinator for the K-5 department of my school.  The elementary coordinator position encompasses many responsibilities, but one of the areas I want to focus on is to provide appropriate support and professional development to teachers.

In teaching, and all fields I believe, it is important to reflect on practices and grow as a professional.  When I was in Cambridge, I spent my time learning how professional growth and support is provided to undergraduate students, also known as preservice teachers. While there, I was able to engage in rich conversations about the practice of coaching and support with doctorate students and current teachers.

Sticky toffee pudding – yum!

I enjoyed my time in the UK immensely, I loved eating new foods, like sticky toffee pudding, and enjoying all the cuisines the UK does really well, such as Indian and Thai food. While my life as an expat teacher might give this away, in my core I believe travel, culture, and new experiences serves as a way to improve yourself and open your eyes to new people and experiences.  When travelling, I do my best to never pass judgement on an aspect of culture, in this case most of that was focused on teaching practice, but rather work to actively understand the practices which are different to my own and identify value in them.

I would recommend the Cambridge Schools Experience program to any future educator or current educator who is looking for ways to deepen and expand their teaching practice.  But more so, I would encourage everyone to explore the world.  That may mean starting in your own backyard, just go.

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