Second Week In Florence

Sorry that it has taken me a little longer to recap my second week in Florence, but I have been very busy the past week. Having to make time to study for an exam, doing two different essays, and a presentation, I haven’t had much time for anything else. My second week in Italy was a lot more enjoyable than my first week in Italy. I finally got out a little bit, and went to see a couple of places. I went to a couple of nice museums and restaurants around town. But my highlight of the week was getting out of Florence, and going to the towns of Volterra and Bolgheri. Both towns were very beautiful and amazing to learn about. In Bolgheri, we visited a local wine producer. Where we had an opportunity at tasting many different wines, while pairing them with some very good food. Although, I did really enjoy Bolgheri, Volterra was my favorite place to visit. Volterra was so rich in history, and I learned so much from the trip. I mostly enjoyed learning about the Romans involvement in Volterra, and the remains of the Roman theatre in Volterra. I am truly glad that I went of this trip with my class, because I started not to go, due to me not feeling well. If I had planned this trip on my own, I definitely would have not gone. But due to going on this trip with people I already knew, I felt that I could make it through the day, and that I would enjoy it a lot more than being by myself. Being able to go on a group trip verse a solo trip by myself, was definitely more helpful and enjoyable for me. I will surely be going on my group trips now, instead of just being by myself everywhere I go.    

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