Discovering My Heritage During Week 3

Here it is, the end of week three! It honestly feels like time has flown by, I’ve been having such an amazing time! During this week, we were able to go on a field trip to the Ulster American Folk park, which speaks about Irish people emigrating to the U.S.! My great-grandfather and great-grandmother actually would have been some of these people who emigrated to the U.S. from Ireland! It was a really enjoyable experience to be able to learn more about the journey they would have taken and to get an opportunity to gain more knowledge about what it would have been like when they emigrated! This visit actually prompted me to contact my uncle for more information about my great-grandfather and great-grandmother! So I now know both of their names, John Joe Clifford and Julia Noone, and that they emigrated to New York from Sligo County! It’s something that shocks me to think about, that my ancestors have stood on the same grounds I am currently on for generations, going through life same as me. I’m really grateful that I have gotten an opportunity to slowly be able to learn more about my ancestors, and therefore more about my own identity. It’s been an amazing experience as well to travel to Dublin this past weekend and visiting the national park in Wicklow County! It was so breathtaking that I couldn’t help but ponder my ancestors being able to gaze at all of this beautiful landscape their whole life, wondering if they felt the love for the land in Ireland like I do. It’s absolutely insane that we now only have a week left! I will soak up all of the last precious moments in the Emerald Isle as best I can! 

See you next time!

April Ulrich

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