Week Three: International Mindset

Ciao! The past week has been insane, in the best sense of the word. I’ve somehow already been here for nearly three weeks, and took my final exam for my 3- week course this morning. Admittedly, the notion of taking a consolidated course abroad is something that has been a source of anxiety for me in the past, just because of the uncertainty associated with how it’s feasible to receive the amount of knowledge that is typically consumed over a 15- week semester. However, I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome of the course. Never once in the past three weeks did I feel stressed enough about the course to the point where it interfered with my abroad adventures or mental health. I would recommend anyone who is hesitant about a shortened FUA- taught course to get out of your comfort zone and go for it! In the past week I also traveled to Milan, Italy for a night to see one of my favorite music artists in concert, Mac Demarco. Being in a social context where you’re surrounded by other fans of the same artist that are from Italy, Germany, France, Sweden, etc. is a surreal epiphany-like experience. In other news, I never thought I’d be saying this, but I’ll be spending this upcoming 4- day weekend in Paris! Despite my typical Type A disposition, this trip was entirely spontaneously planned by my roommates and I a few nights ago and we were lucky enough to find reasonable hostel and flight prices. I will update about the Parisian endeavor in detail in next week’s post.

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