Oh the places you’ll go!

I’m not supposed to just say it was amazing (but it was), and, to do so would be an injustice. We visited 3 different countries in 2 weeks. This trip has been great! From seeing the advanced technology of robotics in auto manufacturing to pondering the technology used by ancient civilizations to move giant 25 ton rocks 150+ miles over drastically difficult terrain to construct Stonehenge; metropolitan areas with centuries old buildings adjacent to modern ones; visiting museums with classical art (Van Gogh, Rembrandt), modern day pop-art (Banksy), and ancient artifacts and specimens (the Acropolis, 5000 year old mummy); tasting cuisine in its country of origin makes it so much more enjoyable, sausages and roasted pork dishes with potato dumplings or spaetzle in Germany, Dutch “pancakes” in Amsterdam, and Meat pies and fish-n-chips in England, as well as, a number of faster counter service options not found here in the US. My enthusiasm for my Global Business degree has been reinvigorated. I have been changed and inspired by this experience. I look forward to exploring employment opportunities with a multi-national company doing business in Europe and the chance to possibly work over there at some time.

For anyone who has chosen Global Business as a major or minor, this study abroad program was designed for you; it satisfies the cultural experience necessary and gives you 6 credit hours. For those who are just curious and want to earn college credit at the same time as having an incredible visit to places you’ve never been, FIND A WAY TO DO IT! Expand your horizons, explore other places and see how other people work/live. It will change your perspective and hopefully inspire you, too…

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