Week 6: #BullsMeetWorld

While in Florence, I became good friends with a really kind person. This is Egli, the owner of a restaurant on Corso Tintori 19 called Beer House Club. Egli is part Italian, part Venezuelan, so I would speak to him in Spanish and he would teach me words in Italian. He welcomed my roommates and I into his restaurant every time we passed by it, which was often, might I add, considering we lived across the street from it. The restaurant is an American-inspired bar and grill. Although I absolutely adored Italian food and never got tired of it, it was nice to grab a bite of an American style meal every once in a while. The restaurant’s chicken nuggets and fried were to die for.

Egli never failed to make us feel welcome in his restaurant . He always let us sit and do homework and use their wifi when ours was out. He even got us a free meal and a free Beer House Club t-shirt for being such loyal customers. He made great conversation and thanks to him, I learned a lot about Italian culture. He always greeted us with a smile, and for that I will never forget Egli and the warmth that I felt from the people of Florence.

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