Trying to Adapt to a New Environment in Florence

This week’s vlog I barely interacted and I’m sorry but it’s my second week in Florence, Italy. I am just not getting adjusted to the time difference and new environment. I had a bad day and I’m grateful they made me feel better. They helped me so I can make a schedule to feel more secure here. As the days go on I’ll fit talking in front of the camera more so you get more of a real side of how it is to adapt to living in a new country. My roommates and I are even getting closer so hopefully you’ll see more of them throughout the summer semester. This Saturday July 6th I visited Volterra and Bolgheri. Sunday July 7th I visited 3 towns in Cinque Terre and we got to swinm in Monterosso. It was so beautiful! To keep up with me daily follow my instagram @mandi_rosado

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