A Bull Meets the Italian Coast

This last week has been hectic! But, it has also been GREAT! I have: gone to Pisa twice, visited three beautiful towns in Cinque Terre, unknowingly spent approximately 700 euro, made great friends, and I’ve had some crazy run ins with foreign men.


The first time I went to Pisa, I went with some really nice people I met at the airport before coming to Italy. The four of us successfully made our way through the busy train station and climbed abroad to go to Pisa. Kristine didn’t feel well, but Briana, Serene, and I made the most of the trip.

It’s beautiful… but I didn’t have the luxury of finding more than the Leaning Tower, Cathedral, and Baptistery. The tower is surprisingly smaller in person. I’d always been under the impression that the tower was some magnificently large building that defied gravity. Oh! So, if you didn’t know, the Leaning Tower of Pisa isn’t supposed to be leaning! It’s a wrong call gone right.

The second time I went to Pisa, was with La Kita (another friend that I made here) and it was rainy, but so fun! I got super cool pictures of her and got to have gnocchi and crab again. Sadly, after the rain cleared, we were harassed by several African individuals selling various things… one women snatched her “free gifts” from us when we didn’t want to buy her jewelry, and three men followed us as we repeatedly said no to fake watches and sunglasses. Other than that, the trip was a success (aside from us hopping off at the wrong stop and getting back on the train).

Cinque Terre

I have hilariously said the name of this beautiful place wrong for the last two weeks. And boy was I off! The beautiful towns that we got to visit on this Smart Trip was beyond anything I could’ve imagined. The water wasn’t as clear as I thought it would be, but it was still so beautiful. It was better than Clearwater, but not as beautiful as the Caribbean.

I went on the trip with my new friend Briana (she’s amazing) and we made two new friends on the trip. We got to explore the towns together and suffer through walking on the hot rocks at the beach. We had delicious fruity drinks by the beach, and I had fried octopus and pesto pizza for the first time.

My waterproof pouch came in handy for the cool pictures and videos in and near the water! We got so many intentional and unintentional pictures! I had a blast and I can’t wait to go back!


Boy have I spent money! It’s insane how money can go so fast when you’re having fun! Whether it’s eating out, getting gelato, paying for trips, or buying souvenirs, I’ve paid for it.

The restaurants lure you in with friendly waiters and trap you with good smelling food. It’s scary how much money I’ve spent getting water at restaurants! I miss that American luxury. I didn’t know how lucky I was to go the “cheap” route and get free water back home.

Gelato. I eat the tasty cousin of ice cream everyday. I’ve literally had gelato almost everyday (if not everyday). It’s addicting and cost anywhere from one euro to eighteen euro. I’ve only spent at most about five euro, but I’ve still spent A LOT.

Souvenirs are so hard to say no to. They’re cute and seemingly cheap. Then, you have fourteen items in your hand and you’ve spent thirty-five euro. I’ve bought purses, totes, keychains, bracelets, magnets, and whatever else I deemed necessary.


Whether it’s being stared at like you’re a freshly cooked steak or being called at, these foreign men can do it all. I was walking past a restaurant when the waiter said: “Hey baby, how are you” trying to get my attention, all I could do was laugh and keep walking. That was funnier than when the older waiter winked at me after making a joke or when the random guy made his eyebrows dance or even when the street vendor stuck his tongue out at me. What takes the cake is when the purse vendor told my friend and I that he liked our “brown sugar” and would give us whatever purse we liked.

Overall… this week has been interesting and I can’t wait for next week! It’s finals and I’m ready for my class to be over. I can’t wait to write about my day trip next weekend! If you’ve made it this far, thank you!

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