Cheers to New Words and Phrases: End of Week Two

Wow! End of week two already? I really can’t believe it. I’m on a bus to Galway for the weekend and I’m extremely excited to explore the Republic of Ireland for the first time. This week has continued to be absolutely fantastic, full of new experiences and great people. We were able to take a field trip to Londonderry/Derry that was incredibly interesting and sobering. As my time continues in Belfast, I’ve noticed some little phrases or words that I have not heard before in the United States! These include saying “wee” such as, “You’ll just see a wee sign for that store.” Utilizing “wee” has just been a fun arbitrary phrase from what I’ve seen so far, not necessarily to do with the actual size of the thing being talked about (although it very well could be at times!). Another common one is ending a sentence with “cheers” so say you are buying something or leaving a bus, someone will most likely say to you, “Have a great day, cheers!” I find it to be a very fun phrase, I would definitely consider adding it to my day to day vocabulary. There is also something that I’ve been told is generally just said by people from Belfast, that is, “yous”. It is used instead of “you”, such as, “What will yous be having?” That is something that definitely confused me at first but I have slowly gotten used to it! I am looking forward to discovering even more of these new words and phrases in the Republic of Ireland!


April Ulrich

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