My First Week in Florence- Milan Pride

Celebrating Diversity in Italy


As many of you know, June is Pride month worldwide. I had never been to a Pride event because back home something had always came up that prevented me from going. However, this past weekend I was able to go to Milan Pride.

I went with three other men last Friday evening with the intent to stay overnight. Coincidentally, this was not only the first time I went to a Pride event, but it was also the first time I rode on a train!

The train was quite fast, Milan is nearly two hundred miles away, but we got to Milan in roughly an hour and a half. Because we got there rather late (somewhere around 8 in the evening) we weren’t able to do as much, but we did go out and have a nice meal. The real festivities began the next day.

The parade itself started at around 4 P.M. It was really unlike any other parade I’d ever seen! Normally, when I have seen parades you were expected to be a spectator, and people would throw beads at your or something along those lines. In Milan, however, you were expected to be a part of the parade. The parade was almost like a procession, with large vans and busses driving down the street and people following the busses. You would get more out of it if you were walking with them, which me and my friends did for a little while.

Overall, I’d say my first Pride experience was quite the success. I only wish I had gotten more Pride gear before the actual parade started (because I think only one of us out of the four had anything pride-related on). But it was an excellent experience, and it made me feel more connected to the LGBTQ+ community, worldwide.

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