Week Two: Branching Out

Overall, I would describe my time here thus far as simulating some kind of time warp, in the sense that I felt like I’ve been here for significantly longer than a week and a half. It’s amazing how much more I’ve taken the initiative to fill my days to the maximum potential as opposed to my life at home or school. I’ve come to the conclusion that if given the opportunity, I could be capable of and would readily choose to permanently live in another country. This experience has made me feel extremely confident in my linguistic abilities, as well as my perception of my own ability to assimilate into another culture. I’ve reached the level where I can confidently order food in Italian and (hopefully) give off the impression of some entity other than a typical American tourist. In addition, I’m extremely excited to report that my weekend plans are life- changing: Rome for Friday and Saturday, Venice on Sunday, and Milan on Monday for a concert with one of my favorite American musicians! Although I’m certain that my bank account will be feeling the wrath of these excursions, my eagerness toward exploring new regions of Italy outweighs this financial anxiety by a mile. I look forward to comparing the individual cultural norms between areas of Italy and, of course, eating some delicious raviolis. I’ll check back with everyone next week! Ciao.

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