First Week In Florence

Living in Florence Italy this first week, has taken a lot of getting use to for me. My expectations of the trip compared to the reality of it, has been as expected so far. A lot of the other students have been to Europe at least once or twice, while this is my very first time. So, I really do not know what to expect, but the unexpected. My first week has been very interesting to say the least. After first getting here, and meeting my roommates, I just stayed in the first night. I was still really tired from the long flight and jet lag. The next day, I started off almost being late for orientation, due to me walking to the wrong building and getting lost in the city. The first three days of class were fairly easy, and I really have been enjoying my professor for my Historical Perspective of Chemistry class. Although it is hard to understand him at times, you can tell he is very passionate about teaching. Our class also went on a trip to the local water purification station, known as Publiacqua. I found this trip to be a lot more interesting and insightful than I thought it would be. I also found myself feeling a lot more homesick than I thought I was going to be, this first week. So, in result, I stayed in my room for most of the first week. Overall, I did enjoy this first week, but I feel I could have done more things to enjoy my time here better. One of the main things that I definitely need to do is get better at going out and traveling the city more. This will not only help me get to know the city a lot better, but will also help with me being homesick. Something else I need to do, is meet new people, and try to do some group trips around Europe. This will help me get out of my room, and see what Europe has to offer. Thank you for reading.   

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