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How to travel to Rome on a Budget

When people first think of cities in Italy, depending on what interests you most, different ones may come to mind. Those into fashion may think Milan, while those into the typical experience may think Venice, while others into Monuments may think Pisa, but almost everyone thinks of visiting the iconic city of Rome. Through my study abroad trip in Florence, I have conquered the first step of getting to Italy, now there is just the matter of getting to Rome. The first thing I recommend getting is the app Omio. It is essentially the European version of Expedia and allows you to book tickets for different types of transport across different countries while simultaneously comparing times and prices. Now, when traveling within Italy to a different city, especially a tourist filled one like Rome, before you even book your tickets you want to think “What is free? What do we have to pay for? How far am I willing to walk? and How long do I think each stop will take?” Once you have done this, budget yourself and ask, “What do I NEED to see? vs What would I like to see?” Then buy tickets for the needs because you will find that tickets go quickly, especially during the summer, and the longer you wait, the higher the price. Now, when it comes to getting to the city, there are 3 main options: plane, train, or bus (and technically walking if you’re up for a 2-day backpacking trip). Since we were already in Florence, a plane was unnecessary, but the farther down the coast of Italy you are, it might be a more viable option. Now when comparing Bus and Train prices, the travel time is the most important factor. If you are able to spend more time traveling because you only have a few sites you want to visit, then the bus might be for you. Yet, if you are going to have an action-packed day, a quick train ride will be your best option, they also tend to leave earlier in the morning. Now, when picking a train, always, always, ALWAYS pay attention the station. Although the cities are relatively small, they are still cities and one train may be cheaper, but the station could be an hour away from your first travel destination. I would pay the extra fee for a station closer to the cities attractions so that you can not only walk but save money on an unneeded taxi fare. Now that transportation is settled, just simply enjoy your day, and make sure you try some of the local cuisine specific to each city you visit, in Rome it was the artichokes. Our main sites were the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, and the Pantheon. No picture, movie, or description will prepare you for just how large these monuments are and not to mention beautiful. They made me, a 5’11”, woman, feel like an ant. Hopefully with these tips you are able to plan a great trip to not just Rome, but any Italian city.

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