La Dolce Vita

Ciao! My name is Carine and I am a senior Biomedical Sciences major planning that is going to be studying abroad in Florence for six weeks with the USF Science program. I plan on attending Medical School and specializing in Pediatrics. I have always wanted first hand involvement in healthcare and providing proper service to patients. I also adore children. After I have been working as a Pediatrician for some time, I plan to take my expertise to Mediciens sans Frontiers, or in English, Doctors without Borders, to provide humanitarian aid to developing countries. I am excited to experience not only authentic pizza and pasta, but to experience a healthcare system that is vastly different from the one we have here in America. Italy has an open health care system meaning, service is free and although you may experience longer waits, it is of great benefit to the poorer classes of society who cannot readily pay for healthcare services. I received the Mark & Kay Orr International Affairs Scholarship for Study Abroad to help fund for this amazing trip. Since I am from West Africa and this will be my first time staying in Europe for a time period longer than an airport layover. I will now be able to tick a 3rd continent off of the list of seven. As someone who wants to do humanitarian work, being able to adapt to other country’s environment, customs, and beliefs will be a key task of the job that will need to come as second nature, therefore this study abroad experience will give me the opportunity to get my feet wet.

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