First Week: Wine and Balsamic Tasting

The first week of living in Florence Italy has really differentiated my expectations from reality. I expected Italian people to be friendly in public settings because I am accustomed to friendliness in America. However, Italian people are more reserved in public settings. By this I mean, anywhere that I go I am always greeted with harsh stares instead of welcoming waves and smiles which I’m not to fond of. One positive thing about Florence is that there are no taxes on anything so you know exactly how much money you will spend so it is easier to budget. A negative thing I have experienced is that Italians charge you to use the restroom and sit at a table when getting food. To get by this and save money, I try not to sit down at a lot of places in just one day and just take my food to go. In addition, if I try to find a restroom in a place where I am getting food to avoid spending extra money

In my opinion, I prefer group traveling over solo traveling because its much more safer and you don’t have to worry about getting lost. My very first trip was a solo trip and I visited a friend in Vicienza Italy where I had to take the train alone which was very freighning because I never rode on a train before. Later during the week I took a trip to Modena with my Forensic Psychology class and had a great time learning the process to making wine and balsamic dressing. I learned that there is an extensive aging process to developing Balsamic and the different types of barrels add flavor to the balsamic.

This photo includes barrels of wine made of different woods which holds the Balsamic dressing for months to years

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