Expanding My World


My name is Brandon Devoll, I am an upcoming senior working towards my BA in Psychology; I also have a minor in Anthropology. I will be in Florence attending the Florence University of the Arts from June 24th through August 2nd, as part of the USF in Florence psychology program. I am taking a course in cross-cultural psychology for the first three weeks, and then for the second three weeks I will be taking a cooking class on the health and wellness of Florence.

I was very fortunate to receive the Genshaft/Greenbaum Passport Scholarship Award. This scholarship made it much more possible for me to study abroad, and to frankly enjoy my time better in Europe. I’ve never been to Europe and I was quite nervous to go, but the financial support has helped me calm my nervous tremendously.

I wanted to go to Italy because I wanted to see more of the world. My anthropology minor has afforded me much knowledge about the world outside (and inside!) of the United States, but I am very eager to see how much my perspective changes from seeing a different culture from my own. I want to see how much of my culture has shaped my perspective of the world. What should I hold on to? What should I let go? I am excited to see how I can grow as a person. I am also excited for the cooking class, because I am a foodie. In fact, I am so much so a foodie that for my birthday, my best friend got me Julia Child’s How to Master the Art of French Cooking. I’ll get to French cooking eventually; I’m focusing on Italian for now!

I’m so excited to be in Italy, be sure to follow my posts!


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