Bulls Meet World: Romania

My stay abroad in Odorheiu Secuiesc, Romania was even more amazing because the hotel owner that we all met. The hotel is called the Hinto Panzio and is a family owned business. Atila is the current owner of the hotel and he and the rest of his family work hard all day to keep the hotel going and making sure everything is how it is supposed to be. Another thing about Atila is that he and his family would be kind enough to make breakfast and dinner for us every weekday. The eggs they would cook for breakfast were some of the best eggs I have ever eaten. Dinner was always amazing and would be three courses. First we would get soup and then the entree with desert coming last. Atila was very helpful as well. If we had any concerns he would address them right away and he also helped us with ordering food on the weekends if we had any problems with the language difference. Unfortunately, I was not able to get a picture with him, but I recommend to anyone looking to visit Romania to stay at the Hinto Panzio.

-Alexandra Vanegas

The picture above is me with my roommates. Emily is in the middle, she lives in Kansas. Nika is on the right, she lives in North Carolina. They were the best! I got lucky with the roommate situation.

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