Bulls Meet World: Pauline at the Marché Vernaison

Entering allée 3 of the Marché Vernaison from Boulevard Michelet in the Marché aux puces de St. Ouen, it’s hard to miss PittsBroc- the first stall you see upon entering the market. The owner of the shop, Pauline, has intricately decorated each corner of this stall, extending even outside of it, with items she personally curates every week from yard sales across Paris. As she describes it, she specializes in everything from bijoux and maroquinerie (jewelry and leather goods) to bibelots and curiosités (trinkets and curiosities). As you peruse the space again and again, you are able to find something new and fascinating at every turn and Pauline makes sure to refill as she quickly sells each beautiful item. It seems as if her findings are endless. Tucked into the left front corner of the stall, she also has photographs on display, people who are dear to her, all taken in front of this beautiful shop she has created. Pauline’s stall is full of color, a brightness that matches her youthful personality as well. She is among the youngest to peddle wares at the largest antique and second-hand market in the world, as proven by the imagery on her business card. A simple drawn watermelon and orange slice pattern accompanies the bright pastels and whimsical typography declaring that she also has an e-shop on Etsy where you can purchase her merchandise and an Instagram account (@pittsbroc) where she encourages me to DM her if I have any more questions.

Pauline helping one of my fellow study abroad students, Resa, pick out some souvenirs.
Pauline meticulously refills every corner of her shop as she sells items and finds nooks and crannies where her beautiful wares can be displayed.
A small corner of her shop is filled with art, post cards, and other mementos along with photos of people she holds dear in front of her stall.
Pauline’s shop uses every surface to display her trinkets and curiosities.
Jewelry and leather goods are some of the main items sold in Pauline’s shop.

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