Before the Journey

Hello everyone!  So nice to “meet” you.  My name is Heather Palmer, and I am a recipient of the USF Federal Credit Union Scholarship.  As such, you will be able to follow along on my participation of the Cambridge Schools Experience study abroad program.  The program is typically a four week experience, but due to my schedule I will be joining halfway through and participating in two weeks of the program.

Cambridge Schools Experience is sponsored by the College of Education for Early Childhood and Elementary Education majors with a focus on Literacy Studies.  I am currently a Master’s student in the Reading Education program at USF. Throughout my time here, I will be exploring and learning how reading coaches support teacher development and instruction, the focus on reading teaching.  

Now a little about me…why would I choose this program?  I graduated from the University of South Florida (Go Bulls!) with my Bachelors in Elementary Education in May of 2017.  I accepted my first teaching job as a third grade teacher in Morocco. I teach at a small international school located in the Atlas mountains of Morocco.  At the end of my first year teaching, I decided to apply to the Masters program at USF, which is fully online. The Masters program offered me a valuable opportunity to expand my knowledge base.

As I live in Morocco, there are fewer opportunities for professional development as compared to programs and workshops offered to teachers in the United States.  With that, I decided to apply to CSE! It was a double win, as I have the opportunity to connect with fellow USF Bulls and expand my understanding of coaching reading teachers.  While I am in Cambridge, England, I will spend some time in the primary schools observing pre – service teachers, doctoral students, and engaging in seminars with the fellow participants in my program.  I am looking forward to the adventure – cheers!

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