Week One in Florence

Ponte Vecchino during the Feast of St. John
Arezzo’s Palazzo della Fraternita dei Laici
Me in Cinque Terre!

Coming to Florence, my main goal was to establish a friend group. By meeting other students during the orientation sessions and classes, I was able to establish friendships quickly, as everyone seemed to have the same goal. On the day of orientation, I was invited to attend a fireworks festival as part of the Feast of St. John. The first picture above depicts the amazing view from the Ponte Vecchino! This was an excellent way to wrap up my first day in Florence.

The following day, Tuesday, classes began. My Ceramics for Beginners professor taught us how to make our first vessel out of clay coils and a base. This project took all of the first week’s time to finish. Our next vessel, a vase, is going to be inspired by the art of the beautiful city, Arezzo, which we visited on Sunday for a field learning trip. The third image above depicts the beautiful scenery and art Arezzo has to offer. During this trip, I learned about the history of this city’s beautiful architecture and how Roman and Greek culture influenced its creation.

During the week, I explored the city of Florence and ate gelato on my way home after class almost every day! I also planned a day trip to Cinque Terre with my roommate and friend from home. During this adventure, we were able to go to the beach, which can be seen in the third picture.

Overall, my first week studying abroad in Italy was amazing! Between Arezzo, Cinque Terre, and Florence, I believe all three cities have their own unique beauty, which I hope to make clear through the pictures I am sharing with you. I hope to share more memories with you soon.

Stay tuned!

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