Post-trip: New experiences coming

 I choose this program not only because it was a part of my school curriculum, but because it offered me a numerous experiences. First, the opportunity of travel to another continent and explore four major cities in Europe, Munich, Stuttgart, Amsterdam, and London. Next, this program gave me the chance to enrich my knowledge learned at USF to a real experience. As a finance and Global Business Major had the chance to go and learn about the business cycle of well know companies like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, or Heineken was an innovated involvement for my career. Also, Explore new cultures and career paths. And the chance to grow my network and make new friends. These two weeks were probably one of the best experiences in my college journal, I feel pretty lucky about being able to do it. This study abroad program helped my growth in so many ways. Professionally, this experience guided me to new paths in my career, like expanding my professional goals to an international level or getting my master’s degree abroad. After this experience, I would love the idea of being able to find a job in London or Amsterdam; I can see myself living in these two cities, London and Amsterdam have such a multicultural vibe with diverse things to do, as well as strong business job opportunities. Finally, this trip taught me that we live in a diverse world, and every single thing can be seen from a different perspectives, and we have to accept, respect, and learn from them.

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