Money is not an excuse for not traveling

After a trip, you realize all the things you wish you knew before going. This post is dedicated to giving you essential tips that I want to I know on my first trip. If you follow these tips you will save money next time you are going to Europe, so you don’t have any excuse to begin your travel experience. Plan ahead, book your flights at least one month before your trip, there are several websites that will offer you deals, check all of them frequently so you can get familiar with the average price of your flight, then you will be able to take the cheapest flight, also do not forget to check in and print or download your flight tickets in advance, that would save you a lot of time, instead of doing long and stressful lines at the airport. Where to stay? There are the most convenient options than a hotel nowadays. If you are looking for a place to stay where it is cheap and fun, hostels are your top option. Hostels offer different options for your stay, if you are traveling on a budget, hostels have the option of share a room with other travelers just like you; as well as, single rooms. Also, hostels give some local tours where you can explore the city and make new friends. Another option will be Airbnb, where you can rent out houses or a single room in a local home. Inform yourself about the city you are visiting. Some cities offer free walking tours, or they have free entrance to museums some days of the month, so take advantage of that. Finally, wherever you go get familiar with the public transformation. Most of the time it is easier to get around the city by public transportation than a taxi or renting a car and is way cheaper. So, as soon as you arrive at your destination or before, get a map of the city or download the google maps version. This tips will make your next travel experience more enjoyable and stress-free.

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