Goodbye for now

My last week in Romania has been completed! I am a little sad to go, but I do miss home a lot. For this last week all of the students were working on their research projects. We all had to present in groups on the last day. 

  My group presented on two burials that we analyzed prior in class. One of the individuals had spondylolysis of the L5 vertebrae— which means that is was fractured. The other individual had myositis ossificans on their right humerus— meaning that the skeletal muscle was ossified into bone. I think our presentation went pretty well.

  For the last week in Odorheiu Secuiesc I spent the majority of my time going back around town and visiting everything one last time before we had to leave. I went back to Kaufland to get their delicious bakery donuts one more time and some fruit. I swear the fruit in Romania is just so crisp and fresh, I love it! I also visited the town center and had one last look at the shops and restaurants there. Odorheiu is so beautiful and is constantly has flowers decorating the town. I loved the colors of all the flowers, it is the kind of site that makes you instantly happy.

  Another thing that I am going to miss is the soups the hotel served us for dinner every weeknight. The soup was always so refreshing. It was probably my favorite part of dinner. I would dig right not caring that I would probably burn my mouth in some way. I can only hope to make soup as amazing as they were.

Bye for now Romania, see you soon?

-Alexandra Vanegas

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