First Week in Northern Ireland: Over!

Here it is! The end of my first week in the beautiful Northern Ireland. It has exceeded the impossibly high standards that I previously held in traveling here. I have definitely always held Ireland as a whole up to some fantasy style pedestal, especially because I knew it was where my ancestors come from and have always seen gorgeous pictures of the landscape and dreamed of visiting. The weather is actually way better than expected, as everyone has always told me it was awful (only super cold and full of rain). So far, this has not turned out to be the case! I’ve enjoyed lovely weather (with only slight drizzling on a couple of days) and have even been able to go without a coat! That’s a shocker for me as a Floridian for sure. It’s also a nice surprise for there not being too much rain, because even when it does rain, it’s absolutely nothing compared to the torrential downpour that Florida constantly has during the summer. It’s amusing because I’ve heard several local people commenting on how it was “boiling hot” when it feels like winter in Florida! The views have also been so breathtaking! I went to Giant’s Causeway two days ago and I couldn’t believe my eyes! I spent several minutes just staring with wonder in my eyes at how the Earth could just naturally hold so much beauty that exists in Ireland. The bus and train rides to different places have been full of me glued to the window and gazing in wonderment at all of the adorable houses and green rolling hills! (Seriously, I have never seen so much green in my life!)

Until next week!

April Ulrich

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