Firenze, you are so beautiful

Coming here, I expected to engulfed by rich culture but not nearly as much as I have this past week. I ventured out and visited Pisa, Lucca, and Cinque Terre (shout out to Smart Trips) but will focus on the city I live in for this post. Oh Firenze… Florence has completely taken me away to another state of awe. The architectural style, centrality, liveliness, and convenient location of gelaterias on every block play a major role in that. Let me just go through each individually.

So for starters, the ARCHITECHTURE

  • Architecture- OMG. All the buildings are so detail oriented. It’s definitely a big contrast to your basic dry wall and cookie-cutter neighborhood back in the U.S. The doors, walls, ceilings, archways, and windows each add their own touch to every building. You can tell there is a lot of history behind it. I think my favorite aspect of looking at all the buildings is how the sky compliments them. The various shades of blue (depending on the time of the day), in coordination with the off-white, satisfies all my inner art and design receptors. Side note: there are barely any clouds and it is super hot, everywhere, outdoors and indoors. It took me a while getting used to walking into a building and not having AC blasted at me but it’s sustainable and probably for the best.
  • Centrality- Not to show off or jinx anything but my roommates and I got lucky. Our apartment is next door to one of the main FUA buildings and is in close proximity to the Duomo, Piazza della Signoria, and the Arno. Everything is within walking distance and I love it. My first day walking to class felt empowering. It’s hard to explain but there was that sense of pride in getting myself from one location to another in a foreign city. You’re alone, without a car or companion, and it feels great. The walking also helps with fighting off all the calories being consumed here. The only downfall is cute shoes aren’t always the best option. I’ve had to learn that the hard way and my feet are still suffering but I’m thriving none the less.
  • Liveliness- Florence is a tourist city and everyone is so welcoming here. There’s a wide variety of performers by the main tourist attractions. Restaurants and gelaterias stay open until midnight. There are always people on the streets. People from all over come to visit here, are super approachable, and always offering their share of personal experiences and insider tips on food and travel. The city itself is romantic and will without a doubt leave a mark on everyone who visits. I know I have already began to become attached and am dreading that a week has past by already. I really love you Florence.

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