End of A New Journey: Start of a New Page

Now, that my study abroad trip in South Korea is over, I think I have a lot to think about. Being in South Korea has taught me a lot about their culture and how their people think. It also taught me that some actions and problems in life are universal. No matter where someone is from, the most unexpected experiences can be the same throughout the world. 

Before I went to South Korea, I was hoping to learn about a culture different than my own and have this knowledge to help people of East Asian background when I became a clinical psychologist. I believe culture plays a major role in how to communicate and help different people. And attending Hallym University allowed me to not only experience Korean culture but cultures from all over the world as I met and lived with people from all over the world.

I think interacting with people from different countries and backgrounds has taught me a lot more about the world and what is happening in other countries. It has taught me about how other people live, what other people struggle with, and their expectations of the United States as well. Along with valuable friendships, I have gained amazing knowledge about the world around me.

These interactions have made me both more knowledgeable and have allowed me to grow as a person as I learned more about my faults, learned more about who I am, who I want to be, and more about how the way I think as an individual as well. After studying in South Korea, I still want to be a clinical psychologist. And I still want to spread awareness on mental illness and make it more acceptable for people to have and share mental illness around the world. However, I am also aware of other campaigns I wish to partake in and how I can make a difference in the country and world. 

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