Week 1 “Flavors of Germany”

The first week of this adventure has been a fantastic journal full of new experiences. For my study abroad, the program “Doing Business in Europe” we spent the first week between in Munich, Stuttgart, and Amsterdam. What comes to mind when you think about German Cuisine? For me, it is delicious sausage, and beer, lots and lots of German beer. After spending time in Munich and Stuttgart, I discovered real German Cuisine. We had a group dinner at the Augustiner Restaurant, the dining experience at this restaurant was unique. The restaurant was huge and has a the Larger Cellar dinner area, with beer barrels huge enough to put a table inside and made at traditional dining experience. The menu includes the typical German Cuisine, to start, instead of having bread as started, Germans started their dinner with some “Brezeln” which are German pretzels. The main course is based with authentic pork roast, boiled beer, sauerbraten ((beef), duck, potato dumplings, Sauerkraut (fermented cabbage) and German sausages.
Although there are so many types of German sausages that you will need more than one time IN a traditional German restaurant to try all of them. Besides, you can also hit one of the street food stands. Obviously, we need to enjoy our dinner with a beverage, we must mention beer and wine. Beer is ubiquitous throughout all parts of Germany, with many local and regional breweries producing a wide variety of beers. It is generally not very expensive and of good quality. For variety and quality, German beer is unmatched. The world’s oldest brewery is in Bavaria. With that been said, next time you have the opportunity to go to German, you MUST include in your plans try, discover, and enjoy German Cuisine.

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