First Time In Florence, Italy.

Hello everybody, my name is Michael Cummings. I would like to take the time to introduce myself, and tell you guys a little bit about me. I am a senior at USF, where I am finishing up and receiving my Bachelor’s Degree in Biology this December 2019. This summer, I will be studying aboard for the first time ever, with the USF in Florence Science program. The courses that I will be taking in the program are Historical Perspective of Chemistry, and Drug Abuse and Behavioral Addiction. With the help of receiving the USF Federal Credit Union Scholarship, I was able to receive much needed help to fund my study aboard program. Being a husband and dad of three beautiful little girls, all of my money goes toward taking care of them. I am so grateful for the help of this scholarship, and so excited at the same time. Going to study abroad in the USF in Florence Science program is a dream come true for me. I personally love science, and have always wanted to study abroad and visit Italy, so this is an experience that I am going to truly enjoy. I have ambitions to become a great Physician Assistant, within the very near future. I believe that studying aboard will help me with this personally, professionally, and academically, due to me learning what I need to learn in the science field, but from multiple different cultural perspectives. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I truly appreciate it, and hope that you enjoyed it.

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