Introductory Blog!

Hello, my name is Kioni Lloyd! I am a second year student pursuing a bachelors of Social Work! During my first semester at the University of South Florida I decided that I wanted to study abroad! I was inspired by the global ambassadors that came and spoke in my freshman seminar class, so I followed up with the education abroad office. After sorting through the different programs I decided to go with a program that was compatible with almost all majors. I chose USF in London (summer)! After making the decision I quickly committed, payed my deposit and starting looking for scholarships in October! I applied for the Global Citizens Project Study Abroad Scholarship ($2,500) and the Global Explorers Travel Award (GETA) ($1,000) simultaneously! I was awarded the GETA for $1,000, and because I committed so early I was also awarded the USF in London scholarship ($1,000)! As a social work major , my primary goal is to ensure that all children are provided with nurturing and healthy environments in the efforts to close the education gap and inequality around the world! Because education is very important in not only America, but around the world it is vital that all children have access to a quality education! I am eager to study abroad because of the global awareness that it will expose me to! Seeing issues/topics in other countries not only brings us awareness , but it also provides with a different way to see things! It is my goal to come back to the states with not only global awareness but also initiative to take global responsibility!



3 thoughts on “Introductory Blog!

  1. We are so very proud of you.What an amazing opportunity for you.
    And, you took the initiative to comply.
    Keep striving, reaching, believing.
    With God,family friends and,faith,you are destined to succeed.
    We love you and,ask the Lord to grant traveling mercies
    Upon entrance and,return.

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