Florence, here I come!

Hi there! My name is Juan Cheng, a senior at USF majoring in Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Psychology. One of my goals in life is to pursue a career in the field of dentistry! Whether this is oral surgery or orthodontics, one of the biggest skills you need as a healthcare provider is cultural competency. Developing this skill is my main objective while abroad in Florence, Italy. Oftentimes, specific issues in preventative healthcare are rooted in anxiety. Applying psychological intervention when these symptoms arise requires cultural competency, as I believe many behavioral outcomes are heavily influenced by our background. Conscientiously adapting to Italian norms will let me gain an awareness of what influences behavior to translate this into proper treatment within a patient’s cultural parameters. While doing this, I will be taking abnormal psychology to incorporate this course’s material with my acclimation process.

The second course I will be taking Ceramics for beginners, which I am extremely excited for! I am a huge fan of Tuscany’s impact on art and science, as well as its beautiful landscapes and architecture. Taking ceramics will be a great opportunity to incorporate detailed Tuscan artistry with manufactural ceramic elements. I also plan on exploring Italy as much as possible by visiting other cities like Rome, Venice, and Milan and the museums/scenery they have to offer.

Finally, all of this will be made possible by the help of President Genshaft and her husband, Steve Greenbaum. By granting me the Greenbaum/Genshaft passport scholarship, I will be able to embark on this amazing journey today!

Stay tuned!

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