Before the Plane Leaves

Hi all! I’m April Ulrich, an English major with a concentration in Professional Writing, Rhetoric, and Technology, entering my third year at USF. I am incredibly excited to be leaving soon to travel to Northern Ireland for my Northern Ireland: An Interdisciplinary Look at Identity program.

With the aid of the USF Federal Credit Union Scholarship, I will be able to visit the country that my great-grandfather and great-grandmother originally fled from to escape the Troubles (a conflict in the late 20th century between the Unionists, who wanted Northern Ireland to stay in the United Kingdom, and the Irish Nationalists who wanted Northern Ireland to separate from the United Kingdom) and therefore being able to discover what my ancestors experienced during this time as we will be learning about the Troubles throughout the program. I am looking forward to seeing all of the beautiful sights, meeting new people, discovering more of my identity (especially within my family ties), and learning more about my ancestor’s homeland.

Being able to travel to Northern Ireland and experience the difference in culture whilst meeting new people will certainly help me in my prospective job as a Technical Writer. This position solely requires interaction with other people and being able to effectively communicate and deliver information in a way that is readable and understandable to any stakeholder. Having this opportunity to expand and meet many other people will only succeed in helping me with this skill set that is vital to my career path. I am incredibly excited to garner this opportunity to visit the mystical and beautiful land of Northern Ireland. The lessons and skills I will learn while on this trip will be extremely helpful for me in finding more of my identity as well as further expanding my portfolio for future job opportunities.

See you in the Emerald Isle!

April Ulrich

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