Hi, I’m Sabrina and I’m going to Italy today YEYEAH

Weeeelll, actually, I’m driving to Orlando to take a bus to Miami to layover in Lisbon and THEN it’s FLORENCE, ITALY . Can you tell I’m excited, because if not, well now you know. I am beyond thrilled to embark on this journey and get the full Florentine experience in the USF Florence program. I’d say the top three things I’m looking forward to include eating and cooking some good food, capturing all the picturesque Italian sceneries (primarily mentally but will likely cave in and pull out the camera at every stop), and walking everywhere. Yes, walking. I’ll update you later on much I enjoy that that but for now, the thought of strolling through Florence by foot on a daily basis and absorbing all the culture and views overwhelms me with such gioia. No, I do not speak Italian… fooled you didn’t I? With that being said, I think the language barrier is definitely going to be my biggest challenge but I look forward to tackling it head on. Or butchering it. Stay tuned to find out 🙂

that’s me!

…… Before you join me on this journey, you should probably get to know a little about me first so here’s a quick introduction for you: 

I am Egyptian, a big fan of the color green, completing my degree in International Studies with a minor in Economics, and a proud recipient of the Ellsworth Simmons, Global Citizens Project, and Benjamin A. Gilman scholarships. This summer at the Florence University of the Arts I will be taking Intro. to Professional Cooking and the Florence Food and Culture Experience. Through these classes as well as external encounters, I intend to document how Italians approach combatting world hunger through their food production and distribution mechanisms and see if that can be applied here in Florida. I hope I can use this platform to reach out to prospective study abroad-ers and highlight all the amazing features and insights gained from my trip. Come back in a week for the next blog! Or don’t. See if I care. ❤

With love and as always GO BULLS!

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