Week 5: #BullsMeetWorld

Antonino riding in his small boat attached to the larger boat on my way back from the Blue Grotto to the center of Capri.

This past weekend I went to the Amalfi Coast, and spent a day in Capri, Italy, the most beautiful place I have ever seen. I went into the Blue Grotto, which is a dark cave where the water appears to be fluorescent blue and glowing. Antonino is the name of the man that rowed the small kayak into the cave. Although I only spent about ten minutes with him, I learned a lot about him.

He grew up in Sorrento, Italy and has been working in Capri for thirty years to provide for his family of five. I was attempting to use the basic Italian that I know to interact with him, and we managed to communicate. Of course, at times I did not know how to say something and would switch to Spanish, which overlaps with the Italian language a lot. Antonino gave me recommendations of restaurants in Capri and what dishes to order. I took his advice and tried a calamari and shrimp cone, both of which were freshly caught in their very own seas. The shrimp had to be cracked open, which I was not used to, but regardless, it was quite good.

I was unable to take a picture with Antonino because it was a very quick kayak ride. However, amusingly enough, he attached his boat to the bigger boat that we had arrived in and road back to the center of Capri with us and was happy to have had me capture a great candid of him.

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