Trip to Parma

The beginning of the aging process for the prosciutto.
The first step of making the parmesan cheese, which is warming up the milk.
The parmesan wheels being held for aging.
The prosciutto hanging to dry.

Last week, I took a field learning experience trip with school to Parma and it was amazing! We went to a family owned parmesan cheese factory and got to see how the cheese is made from beginning to end. After water the parmesan cheese making process, we got to see the storage room where they store over 30,000 wheel of parmesan cheese. Once the factory tour was over, one of the cheese testing experts came and showed us how he tests to see if the cheese is ready or not to eat. Once the tour and cheese testing were finished, we got to taste two different kinds of parmesan cheese. In addition to going to the parmesan factory, we got to go to a prosciutto making factory. It was very small, and two brothers owned it and they have a total of five employees. He showed us how the prosciutto hangs and the process of making it from beginning to end. Once the prosciutto tour was finished, they gave us a wonderful lunch of prosciutto, melon, and tortellini on a beautiful balcony. The lunch was a perfect ending to an amazing day. I really enjoy that with the classes in Italy we get to take field learning experience trips. They bus us to different parts of Italy and I get to learn more about the Italian culture and food. This trip was very educational, and I enjoy eating parmesan cheese and prosciutto, so I enjoyed watching them being made.

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