Angelica, no Angie. Wait, Ange?

Wherever you travel there is always going to be sayings particular to that region.  For example, in America, people in the south say “y’all” and “roll tide.” In the north, people say “pop” and “I’m walkin’ here!” I have to say of all the places I have traveled, Australian slang has by far been my favorite. On the first day of orientation, we students had the pleasure of watching a video on YouTube that gave us a quick rundown of Australian sayings. The video is worth a watch (, but if you are short on time, I will tell you all you need to know. To talk like an Aussie, just shorten your words– preferably ending them with an “-o” or “-ies”! For example, avocado is “avo” and lollipops/candy is “lollies”.

Coming to Australia, I knew Aussies loved to condense their words, so I decided to go by “Angie” rather than “Angelica”. Little did I know “Angie” was still too long. I am now officially “Ange” to many of my Australian friends. So, if your keen to learn how to talk like an Aussie, have a look at the list I created below of common Australian sayings.

Arvo –afternoon

Avo – avocado

Brekky – breakfast

Can’t be bothered – I don’t want to

Cheers – thank you!

Coppers – police

Fair dinkum – honestly!

Footy- Aussie football (future blog!)

G’day mate – Hello!

Lollies – candy

Maccas – McDonalds

No worries – you’re welcome!

Proper – the right way to do something

Reckon – I think

Straya – Australia

Sunnies -sunglasses

Tea – dinner

Thongs – sandal

There you have it! With a little practice, you too can talk like an Aussie!


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