Similarities and Differences

Week two is complete! I think I have finally adjusted to the time change. The jet-lag was killer; I’ve never felt that exhausted before. It’s been amazing here in Romania, but the homesickness has started to settle in a bit. Thankfully, there is a thing called FaceTime, so it’s not that bad.

 In my time abroad I have noticed some things about the village I am staying in called Odorheiu Secuiesc. One thing is that they play a lot of American music. In a majority of the taxis I’ve ridden in they all had stations on that played American music. It could be because they think I would prefer it during the car ride. However, I’ve also visited some clothing stores and they were playing American music as well. It was kind of nice to be reminded of home.

 Another thing is that everything is so affordable here! It’s crazy to think that I can purchase a whole cart of groceries for around 200 Lei. Which would be around fifty dollars in USD. The produce groceries are always so fresh and taste amazing. They don’t use preservatives like the U.S. does and it makes a huge difference.

 In class, we have completed learning about the entire human skeleton. We also learned about age and sex estimation in preparation for our group research project. Basically we will have to analyze a skeleton completely and present on any findings that we come across. I am a little nervous because I have never done a research project like this before, but luckily I am in a group with another girl who has experience with this type of research. It’s always good to have a bit of help. I can’t wait for week three!

-Alexandra Vanegas

(the picture is me inside of one the many churches in Romania)

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