Week 4: Basic Italian Words and Phrases

When going to a new country, it is important to know common greetings and sayings. Not only is it fun to learn a new language, but it shows respect for the locals of the country being visited!

Florence, or Firenze in Italian, is a very tourist-centered city, so I have found it a bit difficult to pick up on new words because almost all of the workers that I interact with speak English to me. However, that doesn’t shy me away from still trying to speak it. Sometimes, the Italians will giggle at any mispronounced words but they appreciate the effort and will actually be nicer to you.

Before departing to Italy, I learned many common words and phrases on my own that I have found useful in different scenarios. I have also picked up on some new words that I will list below with their pronunciations. Hopefully, this well help someone get started on their Italian-speaking journey.

  • Ciao – (chow) hello and bye (informal)
  • Buongiorno – (bon-jor-no) good morning
  • Buonaseragood evening
  • Scusa – (scooza) excuse me
  • Grazie – (grazi-eh) thank you
  • Prego – you’re welcome, come in, OR how can I help you? (multiple meanings)
  • Per favore – (pear favor-eh) please
  • Mi dispiace – (mee dees-pee-ya-che) i’m sorry
  • É un piacere di conocertiit’s nice to meet you
  • Posso avere – (pozo a-ver-eh) can I have
  • Possiamo avere (po-zee-ah-mo a-ver-eh) can we have
  • Il contothe check
  • Tutto – (too-toh) everything or all
  • Tutto a posto?everything okay?
  • Va bene – (va beh-neh) it’s okay
  • Parla inglese? – do you speak English?
Saturnia Hot Springs
Winery countryside in Tuscany region
View of the Duomo at Hotel Medici, View on Art rooftop bar and cafe

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