Week 15 & 16: Bulls Meet World: Dorm Edition

Hello Everyone!

We have begun studying and taking finals in Korea. And, instead of writing about exams, I thought I would share some of the nicest people I have meet while I was in Korea. People that I happened to meet in my dorm (lucky me!)!

Kim Hyeju, Ja Gyeong, and I!

These two girls actually live next door to me in the dorm, yet we did not have much chances to speak until we constantly began running into each other while getting ready for bed or to start our day. Their names are Kim Hyeju and Ja Gyeong and they are two of the nicest girls I have met in Korea.

Hyeju actually studies audiology here at Hallym University, which she decided to go to after getting advice from her older cousin who already attends the university. She wants to get a job in a company that focuses on audiology and said she learned English because a lot of the companies are European and American based. She wants to be able to get a good job and thinks speaking English will give her a better chance to be more competitive in the marker. She is from Ansan, which is also one of her favorite places in Korea because it has access to both the mountain and the sea, so she can see everything.

Similarly, Ja Gyeong also studies audiology and speech. She said the reason she chose this major is because it is difficult but still fun. Also, because it will provide a steady job in the future. She is from Dapsimni, where you can get really good and cheap food nearby. However, her favorite place in Korea would have to be Hongdae because there are a lot of fashionistas and foods from different countries. She also likes to watch the street performers as they are full of passion for what they are doing.

When I asked both girls if they had ever been abroad by any chance, they have both been to Japan. They said while Japan is not very different from Korea, the biggest differences where the transportation style, the general atmosphere, and the food.

Kim Gun and I!

Another very nice person I met in my dorm building is Kim Gun. I actually met him in the dorm kitchen, while he was talking to some of the other international students. He majors in English because he said he felt like the language came naturally to him and it was one of the subjects he enjoyed studying in Korea. While he has never been to an English-speaking country, he has been to Japan and Russia. I was curious about how Koreans choose the universities in which they attend, and he shared with me that there are a lot of things Koreans have to take into consideration. They have to know the school, the school’s reputation, and the reputation of the major. He said two of his favorite foods in Korea, and two foods I should try, are samgyupsal (which is a Korean barbecue) and fried chicken.

I am really thankful for all the people I have met during my trip to Korea as they have all made this trip more memorable and enjoyable.

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