The People of Florence

While studying aboard in Florence, I lived across the street from a restaurant/ pub called Beer House Club. My roommates and I went here at least once a week for some chicken nuggets and to relax after class. Since we visited so much, we became friends with the owner Eli.

Each week we would let him know where we were traveling to and he would give restaurant and attraction suggestions. In addition, he would tell us the cheapest ways to travel around and the best places to catch a train for a weekend get a way. He is a very kind local and I am glad we met him because he gave us great inside advice that we needed. When we told Eli, we were going to Croatia, he recommends a fantastic restaurant where we had wonderful calamari. He told us of a homemade gelato place that was a block away from our dorm, so we were there almost daily, it was amazing! Before coming to Florence, I wanted to meet locals to learn more about the Italian culture and where they go to eat or at night. I am glad we met Eli since he gave us the inside Italian scoop on where to go and how to get there. Meeting locals while studying abroad is a part of the full experience. Being immersed in the Italian culture is why I came and gave me a huge out of classroom experience. Meeting Eli added a wonderful touch to my experience and I highly recommend the Beer House Club to anyone visiting Florence!

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