Week 3: Tips to Live “La dolce vita!”

Having been in Florence for three weeks by now, I am familiar with what to do, what not to do, and places to go to!

The best gelato place I have tried is Gelateria dei Neri, located on the road Via dei Neri. This is a highly-rated gelato shop for relatively cheap prices (3 to 4 euro) and apparently it is the best gelato in Florence! In the more tourist-oriented areas closes to the center of Florence, where the Duomo is, there are some really expensive gelato shops. My first week here, I got gelato for eight euros and it was not close to being as tasty and rich as the one from Gelateria dei Neri.

The best panini I have had thus far in Florence is from Pino’s. The Super Tuscan panini, which has tomato, cheese, pesto, and salami, is my favorite! It is the best panini I have ever had and it is only 4 euros for a pretty big size.

Another tip I have for future study abroad students is to go on trips with travel companies. Self-planning a trip can be difficult, so buying a package that includes accommodation, transportation, and some meals is the easiest and most cost-friendly way to do it. Smart Trips and Bus2Alps are just two companies that are made specifically for study abroad students for pretty cheap prices and a lot of day trips and weekend trips! This past weekend I went to Croatia with Bus2Alps and I stayed at a very nice hostel and had breakfast for all three days for a cheap price. It was an unforgettable trip!

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