#BullsMeetWorld Curaçao

Pictured in the selfie shown above is me (right), Ruby (middle) and his coworker (left) at a restaurant situated next to the beach in Curaçao. During my time studying abroad on the island, I always scuba dived during the morning but usually hung around the research station by the afternoon. This station was directly next to a dive shop, so I was always in daily contact with the employees there that let me rent scuba gear; Ruby was one of those people. Many Europeans that visit the island are Dutch, some of whom like Ruby have taken the opportunity to call Curaçao a home. Originally from the Netherlands, Ruby came to Curaçao in early 2019 to escape the proper atmosphere of European culture and watch the waves at every sunrise. His adventurous, easy-going attitude was infectious to me and the people that asked him about his experiences as a European in the Caribbean. It was clear, by the end of his engaging descriptions of coral reefs, that he enjoys his stay.

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