Balancing School and Travel

Make Weekend Trips and Classes Successful While Abroad!

While abroad, it is hard to stay focused on school work because there are so many wonderful opportunities to travel around. While in Florence, I knew I wanted to go to Pisa, Rome and Milan. However after arriving, I found out there were so many other wonderful destinations here in Europe. The first week, my roommates and I sat down with our school schedules and planned weekend and day trips. It was not hard to work around the school schedule because classes are Monday – Thursday so we have a three day weekend every weekend which is very nice. We planned two weekend trips, one to Croatia and one to the Almafi coast. The other weekends, we planned day trips so one to Pisa, Venice, Rome and Cinque Terra. After booking everything I realized this meant I had to be fully focused on school Monday- Thursday’s to be able to enjoy my weekend and not stress my assignments. On the first day of classes, my professors gave me the schedules for the semester so I put all the due dates in my calendar which made it easier to plan my trips. In addition to planning, most exams I have are on Thursdays so Sunday night when I get home, I make note cards and start to review the material for the exams. I also get all my assignments done by Thursday even if they are due on Sunday. This way I can enjoy my weekend and not stress if the hostel will have WiFi for me to get my homework done. While studying abroad it is hard to focus on school because there is so much to do. However, if you have a strict, consistent schedule with all the assignments and due dates you will easily succeed in your classes.

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