The Night Before

Hi guys! My name is Alexandra Vanegas, I go by Alex for short. I am a current undergraduate at USF majoring in Anthropology. The summer study abroad program I am going to participate in is USF Romania Human Osteology and Bioarchaeology. I was lucky enough to have received the Genshaft/Greenbaum Scholarship to help fund my future journey to Romania!

 I picked this study abroad program specifically because it focuses on understanding and recognizing  the skeletal remains of humans. This will be helpful because I plan on becoming a forensic anthropologist. Forensic anthropologists have a thorough knowledge of the human skeletal system and frequently assist with law enforcement and other agencies with the many different types of death by looking at bone trauma.

 I am excited to go on this trip for various reasons. Obviously, to help me in my future career and network with the other people in the program. However, this will be the first time I will be traveling out of the country! I am a little nervous, but more excited I think. I can not wait to experience the culture in Romania and eat all the food I can. I am also looking forward to meeting the people that live there and interacting with them. I have read a lot about Romania, but reading about some things will only tell you so much. One thing I am going to try work on is learning the language while I am there. I believe that language is a crucial part to any culture. I am so excited to fully experience everything that I can while in Romania!

(I am the one on the left in the picture above.)

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