Week 2: Balancing Schoolwork and Travel

It is still technically the beginning of the trip, and everyone, along with myself, is booking weekend trips for the remainder of the summer semester. Clicking “confirm” for a weekend trip is exciting but we can’t forget that we are taking classes! However, it is very possible to balance both!

If you go on a long weekend trip, make sure to get all of your homework and readings before leaving for travel. This past weekend, I went to Pisa on Friday, Venice on Saturday, and Cinque Terre on Sunday. This means I was barely home to do homework on either of those days, so my roommates and I made sure to do the necessary readings on Thursday in between classes and planned accordingly to take the quiz on Sunday night, since we knew we were arriving at 8 pm on Sunday.

If you want to enjoy the nightlife scene in Florence, it is smart to get your homework done in between classes if you have time between them. My first class, Principles of Finance, ends at 11:30 am and my second class, Business Law, starts at 3 pm, so I make sure to get my assignments done within that time range.

Principles of Finance with Professor Scott Beasley has four assignments for each chapter, and we cover roughly 3 chapters every week. As you may guess, it is quite a lot of work, but it is very doable. I suggest completing all of the homework assignments in one sitting and keeping up with the powerpoint questions every other day because if you fall behind, it is really difficult to catch up.

In other words, do what you need to do during the week so that you have fun on the weekends without thinking about assignments! So far, this has worked wonderfully for me.

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